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Preparing a heart-healthy grocery list

Having the right foods on hand when it’s time to prepare meals at home is an important first-step in sticking to a heart-healthy diet. To do this, read and understand the nutrition facts label when shopping for foods. To avoid succumbing to temptations from all that’s available while you browse the aisles and read labels, it might be easier to create a grocery shopping list in advance.  Unless you’re purchasing foods you’ve previously researched, how will you know a product’s nutrition data while preparing your list?

Online tools make it easier

If browsing multiple websites for every product you intend to purchase sounds too time-consuming, the American Heart Association’s one-stop online location is a handy tool for creating a grocery shopping list of heart-healthy certified foods.  Products are broken into categories similar to the aisles where they are stocked at the grocery store — milk is in the “Dairy” category, fresh fruits and vegetables are in “Fresh,” and so on.

When a product’s information is accessed, the packaging logo is displayed so you can be sure you’ve selected the right item along with the product’s ingredient list and nutrition facts panel. Selected items are added to a list, which can be saved and modified, printed, e-mailed or downloaded to a web-enabled mobile phone or PDA.